Intense Pulsed Light

We use a state of the art Skinbase IPL machine for our IPL procedures, which features a unique cryotherapy handpiece to cool treatment areas reducing pain and inflammation.


One device but a mutitude of uses...

Hair Reduction: IPL permanently reduces or removes hair in the treated area. Skinbase IPL emits virtually pain free beams of visible pulsed light into the skin, which permanently disables the hair follicle and in many cases, can also rejuvenate the skin.

Photorejuvination: IPL treats sundamage, pigmentation and age spots and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. 

Acne: Destroys bacteria on the skins surfact that is responsible for acne, reduces inflammation, regulates sebum production and reduces redness. 


Vascular Lesions: IPL treats thread veins, rosacea and cherry angiomas in as little as 3 sessions.


Don't forget your SPF...

We stock a range of Skinbase at-home products to help you get the most out of your treatment.

The Cost

Patch Test and Consultation £25

Hair Reduction: 
Forehead £50
Monobrow £25
Cheeks £50

Upper Lip and Chin £60

Chin £45

Upper Lip £40

Full Face £100

Back or Front of Neck £65

Shoulders £105

Upper or Lower Back £115

Chest £115

Nipples £55

Abdomen £115

Stomach Line £55

Bikini from £70

Buttocks £145

Upper or Lower Legs £150

Full Legs £250

Feet £60

Toes £50

Forearm £105

Full Arm £150

Underarms £70


Full Face £135

Back of Hands £95


Full Face £152

Half Face £95

Vascular Lesions: 
Single Area £55

Cheeks £95

Prepay & Save

If you prepay your IPL Hair Reduction package with us, you can receive

the following discounts

- Book 6 sessions (one area) and save 10% off the total cost

- Book 10 sessions (one area) and save 20% off the total cost


You may already know which treatments you would like to have but we also understand that if this a new experience for you, there may well be some questions you'd like answered.

If you'd like to know more or would like to book a consultation click here to drop us a message and we'll get right back to you...